Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Real-time bus tracking for better travel

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Rotorua bus users can now approach their journeys with greater confidence and certainty due to recent technical enhancements to the real-time bus tracking technology on the Cityride eke-taone bus fleet.

TrackABus technology allows anyone to view the current location of buses across any of Rotorua’s 11 bus routes on their phone at

Users can simply click their desired route to access the real-time information.

A recent visit and service from a TrackABus has increased the speed and refresh rate and ultimately the reliability of the technology.

It’s all about the reliability of information, says Public Transport Committee chairperson Lyall Thurston.

“The ability to check that your bus is running to schedule is important for our passengers and being able to do so on your phone while walking to the bus stop is especially handy.”

The functionality is also available on the Whakatane Bayhopper buses and the council looks forward to introducing a similar feature in Tauranga in 2018.

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