NZTA's loose loads message

Loose loads are dangerous – that is the simple message to drivers today from the NZ Transport Agency.

They are road hazards that have the potential to kill or harm, as well as cause delays, so encouraging people to tie their loads down securely is the focus of a new NZ Transport Agency campaign.

The Agency is targeting commercial operators, DIYers and anyone who uses the Auckland motorway network to transport goods, in a campaign to reduce the amount of debris falling onto the city’s motorways.

While the campaign may be targeting people in and around Auckland, it’s also a timely reminder for people towing loads across the Bay of Plenty.

The Tie-It-Down campaign will educate drivers about the potential dangers of loose loads.

The NZ Transport Agency’s Motorway Alliance Director, Steve Mutton, says it’s responding to an increasing number of callouts to remove or clean up badly secured loads that have fallen from the roofs of cars or the backs of trailers.

In the past six months alone there have been 40 reports of mattresses on the Auckland motorway network.

In the Bay of Plenty, police are often called to timber, iron or other debris on the roads that motorists have to swerve to avoid.

“Every piece of debris that falls onto the road is a potential hazard,” says Steve.

“We’ve had to pick up everything from mattresses to pieces of timber.

“As well as the risk of causing a crash and hurting other road users, these incidents can also lead to delays for the travelling public.

“Over the past five years there have been an average of 35 debris-related accidents recorded by the police each year.

“In nearly every case the incident could have been avoided if the load had been properly secured or covered.”

Over the next six months the Transport Agency will be educating drivers about the risks and how they can minimise them by remembering three key messages - “load it up, tie it down and check it out”.

For tips on how to make sure your load is secure and to enter a competition to show us your ‘tie it down’ skills, visit:


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