Vehicles unsafe say police

Police are appalled by findings from a safety investigation of heavy and light diesel vehicles.
The investigation, between April 19 and May 16, revealed over 20 per cent of heavy diesel vehicles stopped had to be repaired on the side of the road or put out of service.

Unsafe trucks will not be tolerated on Western Bay of Plenty roads, says sergeant Dennis Hogan.

The vehicles in the investigation included trucks and buses. A number of light diesel vehicles stopped during the investigation had either exceeded their road user licence or had no licence at all.
Police commercial investigation unit sergeant Dennis Hogan says the findings of the investigation will not be tolerated on Western Bay of Plenty roads.
“These vehicles need to sort their act out. One truck we pulled over had rear brake pots which were paper thin from rust. It’s just a lack of maintenance.”
Dennis says diesel vehicle operators that breach their road user licence can potentially incur big fines.
He says a light diesel vehicle pays $36.07 for every 1000km for its road user fee but will be charged $110.10 per 1000km it overruns.
A heavy truck will pay about $389.54 per 1000km for its road user fee and will incur a fine of $1100.68 per 1000km it overruns, says Dennis.


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