Sirens: Two years of ineptitude

This tsunami siren plan shemozzle that faces axing is an utter disgrace. For goodness sake, we are talking about the protection of thousands of Tauranga folk. Yet all we get from our  Tauranga City Councillors is dilly-dally. Clearly, the only sensible...... Read More

Ill-conceived project:

Ill-conceived project: While driving past Coronation Park, Maunganui Rd, I was absolutely appalled by what I saw. Perfectly good trees cut from the centre of this beautiful grove and stumps left.What was a natural windbreak and scenic backdrop has been...... Read More

Time for change

The Democratic process is something countries like New Zealand treasures so it is therefore most disappointing when it is proven that the Tauranga City Council has made a mistake that directly impacts on this process.Firstly the Council changes the rules...... Read More

Devolution not evolution

Re: Ernest Izett ‘Christhurch needs a venue for all (Sun, August 23). So the world just came into being and ‘creation’ oops just evolved from something simple to something complicated. I see devolution more than evolution. I wonder why...... Read More

Freedom campers: Rules must work

At last week’s Tauranga City Council Strategy Policy Committee meeting, this piece of nonsense raised its head with about 240 submissions against and only 70 for draft new bylaw.  Clearly, 28 allocated areas allowing 90 mobile homes with 2-night...... Read More

Camping grounds: Is it 'fair go' for all?

Recently, it was again brought to my attention the low Land Valuation (LV)  of a beachfront lease. Calculations I have taken from Tauranga City Council’s rates website show the Papamoa Beachfront Camp LV is a mere $72 m2 compared to the non-Beachfront...... Read More

Please reconsider closing walkway

Re: Ngatai Rd to Seaway Terrace Rd. It has come to our attention that Tauranga City Council is considering permanently closing the above accessway. We wish to object to the proposed closure for the following reasons;1. The walkway is popular with residents,...... Read More

We want assurance

Thank you Mike Chapman, Chief Executive of NZ Kiwifruit Growers Inc for assuring our community that spraying is safe. However, at an age where politicians assurances are worth very little, for the sake of the community, I ask respectfully that an independent...... Read More

Kiwifruit industry: we don't approve the use of chemical

The kiwifruit industry does not approve the use of chemicals. Government has set up a two-stage regulatory approval process with the Environmental Protection Authority (formerly ERMA) assessing any risks to public health and the environment, with the...... Read More

Scientific testing needed

Fifty short years ago, doctors were fronting promotions of cigarette smoking, saying it was a great way to relax and there was no proof that it was a health risk to human beings.We now know the truth about the cancer causing effects of inhaling poisonous...... Read More

Economics overshadow risk

Momentarily, I was heartened by the headline ‘Recognising responsibility to community’ (Weekend Sun, August 16). But as I read on I realised what I was reading was not recognition but whitewash written for an unsuspecting  urban population.Mr...... Read More

Thank you kind stranger

Thank you kind stranger: I would like to thank the gentleman who assisted my mum and aunty at Chinatown restaurant in Fraser Cove by assisting and administering CPR on my aunty until an ambulance arrived. I would also like to thank staff and management...... Read More

Teach NZ's awful drivers some lessons in humility

Re: Sleeping driver’s night ride to Mount (Sunlive, August 14).Congratulations to the young lady who managed to drive more than 300km to visit us in Tauranga while ‘dead to the world’ and without incident.And the cops want to ground...... Read More

How long will farce continue?

At an August 9, 2013, Medical Women’s International Association conference in Seoul, South Korea, an unsaid officer shutdown a workshop on ‘abortion complications’ just before eminent Doctors were to speak.Shut down it was, but not before...... Read More

Attitudes more powerful than safety legislation

National’s Minister of Labour Tauranga MP Simon Bridges has acted on recommendations on Health and Safety reforms welcomed by business and unions. As New Zealand is twice as dangerous than Australia and four times more dangerous than the UK to work...... Read More