Street Smart gains new partner

A cognitive-based driver programme designed to positively influence young Kiwi drivers across the country has received further backing.

Launched in 2018 following two years of development, Street Smart adopts learnings and research from countries recognised as delivering best practice when it comes to driver learning.

For New Zealand, the programme was crafted by road safety expert Peter Sheppard, and continues to be tested and fine-tuned in conjunction with programme ambassador and road safety advocate, Greg Murphy.

More than 1600 young drivers having experienced Street Smart since its launch, with a focus on developing good decision-making strategies for safe driving, including assessment, reading the road environment, resisting peer pressure, managing or eliminating distractions and planning ahead.

Following the announcement of Skoda New Zealand’s partnership with Street Smart in April this year, Carter’s Tyre Service has also joined the Street Smart young driver training programme, coming on board as co-presenting partners.

“We need to prepare our young drivers better than we generally do in order for them to be safer and more aware, and to help reduce some of the risks associated with being on our roads,” says Greg.

“New Zealand drivers continue to make bad decisions which, in many cases, is just because they ‘don’t know’ that it is a bad decision. If you haven’t been told or learned something, then how are you supposed to know?

“The programme takes place in safe, controlled, off-the-road environments, and offers a day of hands-on practical learning, providing young drivers and their parent/caregiver the opportunity to experience a suite of exercises under the watchful eye of qualified coaches.

“The additional support from Carter’s Tyre Service will give access to the programme to hundreds more young Kiwi drivers.”

“As one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of vehicle tyres, and having an in-depth knowledge of the pivotal role they play in vehicle safety, we recognise the importance of the Street Smart programme in helping to develop our young drivers, and in turn the benefit this brings for all road users,” says Carter’s Tyre Services founder and CEO, Garry Carter.

“We appreciate that potentially life-saving programmes such as these do not come cheap, so are proud to lend not only our industry expertise but also our financial assistance to help subsidise the cost.”

Taking place each school holidays in multiple locations across the country, Street Smart is limited to 30 young drivers per day.

To check dates and locations near you, and to register, visit:


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