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I have ‘ummed’ and ’ ahhd about over what I think about electric cars for some time, but not any longer.  This one sees me firmly in favour.

Introducing Kia’s new master piece, the EV6. Loaded with technical wizadry yet simple to just hop in and drive.

It’s not quite an SUV but has the space of one, it’s not a sports car, but it feels like one and it’s not an exotic supercar, but it looks like one!

From the moment I laid eyes on the range topping Moonscape Matte coloured Kia EV6 GT-Line that I would be test driving I was excited, I mean, just look at it! From the aggressive-looking headlights, the crisp clean lines on the sides and a rear end that is simple yet futuristic, this thing turns heads but the outside is  just the beginning.

Inside, the cabin is like a modern-day Knight Rider and has all the fancy ‘K.I.T.T’. The GT Line is equipped with a plethora of gadgets and next level tech designed to keep you safe, comfortable and entertained. To start with, the HUD (heads up display) displays the speed, blind spot monitoring and what the current speed zone is, yup, the car will read the speed limit signs on the side of the road and tell you in case you forget – brilliant!

Smart cruise control uses radar sensors and a camera to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle directly ahead while a trio of anti-collision systems scan for pedestrians and oncoming vehicles at intersections. There is a 360-degree camera system and when indicating to change lanes a screen will pop up on the dash with a camera view of your blind spots. One clever system that was new to me but I think is genius is ‘safe exit assist’. Before a passenger exits the EV6, safe exit assist will warn and if necessary keep the door locked if it detects a vehicle approaching from the blind spot.

The comfort is great; I’m not small and the seats felt like they had been designed just for me.

If you’re too hot or too cold, there are fancy touchpad buttons that activate heating or cooling seats as well as steering wheel heating. These toggles are conveniently located on the center console right at your fingertips. The huge panoramic display makes it easy to choose your music, use the maps to find a charging station or display how the car is performing. There are literally dozens of cool functions that you can play around with. The generously sized screen in front of the driver is clear, easy to use and as much as it gives the driver all the required information it is not complicated or cluttered. The silence in the cabin is whisper quiet, there is next to no road noise and the only thing you can hear from the electric motors is a quiet hum, that to be honest you don’t even notice.

On the topic of motors, this thing's performance is outstanding, the power is instant and it will propel you down the road very, very well! The range is up to 528km depending on the model you buy, I used about 10 per cent of the battery for an hour or so run around Tauranga. When you need to charge up, this can be done at any charging station or at home. Charging time will vary but can be as quick as 18 minutes from 10 per cent of the battery capacity to 80 per cent. I would absolutely have no problems taking this car on a long-distance drive. You really do have to see this car to absorb all the greatness that Kia has done here, there is simply too much to explain!

Price points are an interesting topic, as we know the Government will currently rebate you $8,625 for a new electric vehicle up to the value of $80,000. The EV6 starts at $72,990 + ORC for the Air 58.0kWh Standard Range RWD (bringing it down to $64,365 + ORC after claiming the rebate). Proving popular is the Air RWD with the long range battery which at $78,990 + ORC is also eligible for the rebate. Pricing works up to the GT Line AWD, which is from $106,990 + ORC. Once you buy one it will be backed with a seven year/160,000 km battery warranty and a five year 100,000 km vehicle Warranty Programme and Kia Roadside Assist.I honestly loved it and didn’t really want to give it back! The team at Tauranga Motor Company will guide you through the EV6 and show you all the greatness that it offers. They can be found at 100 Hewletts road, Mount Maunganui or you can phone them on 07 578 1378 to book a test drive


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