Shift to Swift

The days of justifying having a ‘daily drive’ car with a ridiculous fuel-munching motor is slowly becoming nothing but a memory.

Yep, well at more than $2.50 per litre the weekly fuel bill is getting rather large…so what do you do?

Stop showing your mates how you can get flames from the exhaust? Sell your pride and joy and have a sensible car? Nope, neither of these will do.

You keep that boisterous motor for Sundays and buy something that will still be fun, look pretty good and be as reliable as your faithful old Labrador – but more importantly something that sips the fuel. You buy a Suzuki Swift.

I took a drive in the Suzuki Swift GL manual, it’s been a while since I last drove something with three pedals and an H-pattern stick, and I have to say that getting back to the basic driving style was fun! No wonder this thing is so popular!


The big point here though is that the Suzuki Swift is so affordable. With all this hype about clean car rebates, what does it mean for a popular car that we all have access too? Let me explain this as simply as I can.

The Suzuki Swift model line-up starts in GL manual at $21, 990 + ORC and is eligible for a clean car rebate of $2590. That means that after the rebate your brand new Swift will only cost you $19,400+ORC. The value for money here is fantastic. It is comfy, looks smart and is equipped with everything you need to make your commute safe and easy. And it’s brand new, not second-hand.

Suzuki claims a fuel consumption for the GL Manual at 4.6L/100km, which is very, very good. It has cruise control, Electronic Stability Programme, a myriad of brake assists and will fit pretty much anywhere.

It felt very stable and grounded while thundering down the expressway – something that not every small car does well.

The Suzuki Swift will come with a three-year/100,000km warranty followed by a further two-year powertrain warranty programme extension.

Suit all drivers

As you get into the higher-priced models they, of course, come with more fruit – but, most importantly, they are all snazzy-looking fuel-sipping bundles of fun to drive that would suit drivers from all walks of life. 

If you need to get around the place in a more affordable way, the Suzuki Swift could just be your answer. The team at Tauranga Motor Company on Hewletts Rd, Mount Maunganui, will take you through the options to see which Swift best suits you. Give them a call on 578 1378. The Clean Car Rebate will only last while the Government has funding for it – so be ‘swift’ and don’t leave it too long.


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