Super Stonic Kia

When you give a car nut keys to a vehicle with a T in the model, and that T means Turbo, expect blood to be drawn as those keys are snatched from your hands.  In this case, I was handed the keys to the all-new Kia Stonic LX-T. In a lot of cases,...... Read More

A quiet achiever

Driving an all-electric powered vehicle is a first for me. From someone who gets excited by the smell of octane, big motors and forced induction, how was an all-electric car going to stack up? The car in question was the Kia Niro EV, and in this case...... Read More

Your destination – fun guaranteed

I could quite easily make this the shortest review I’ve done, simply because everyone needs to own a Suzuki Jimny. They’re not fast, they don’t have a thousand buttons that make fancy things happen when pushed and they aren’t...... Read More

You had me at Sel...

            Under the microscope this week is the very popular Kia Seltos. Out on our roads it seems like there is one around every corner, and I think I know why after driving the two-litre LX Plus model. Kia is...... Read More

Simple exceptional

Baleno; translated from Italian it means a ‘flash of lightning’ which is exactly what the Autumn Orange Suzuki Baleno I drove would look like as it glides down the highway toward Papamoa, I imagine. What impressive performance out of its...... Read More

Driving past the servo’s... quietly

Honda have jazzed up the Jazz to a whole new level – introducing the all-new Honda Jazz line-up, and just quietly it’s simply awesome! The Honda Jazz e:HEV Luxe; a simple yet sophisticated piece of engineering that even I could get my head...... Read More

Reaching new heights

Boy it’s nice to be sitting in a sporty hatch back. It’s the first time for a wee while after a tour around some of the SUV’s and compact cars on offer. The humble hatchback seems to have taken a bit of a back seat these days but, for...... Read More

Style and flair

It’s not just fashion, food and wine that the French do well. In recent times they’ve made pretty good cars, and lately they’ve made an exceptional one. Not only has Citroen’s new C3 Aircross got all the style and flair we’ve...... Read More

Kia with the trimmings

  Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch so when you get a really good feed for just a few bucks, it feels like you’ve won the lottery.   Car upgrades are a bit the same. The base models are often as cheap as chips...... Read More

A car for the people

It is not often the base model of any particular brand that gets all the attention. But that’s exactly what’s going on with the Kia Seltos. The jaw dropper is the entry level LX when it comes to value for money. At $25,990, it is way cheaper...... Read More